With over 30 years specialising in van refrigeration

The Tranzfreeze brand has established a reputation as a leader in the transport refrigeration sector. The technical advances in the sector combined with our commitment to innovation have formed the foundation of our highly sought-after systems.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the refrigeration sector have resulted in an exceptionally reliable and powerful refrigeration unit. Developed specifically to withstand the harsh weather conditions of the Australian climate, our units are robust, dependable and long lasting.

What Is a Refrigerated Van?

A refrigerated van, also known as a van fridge, freezer van or chiller van, is a specialised type of vehicle that is equipped with a refrigeration system. This system allows the van to transport temperature-sensitive goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable items in a controlled environment.

How Do Refrigerated Vans Work?

Refrigerated vans work by using a refrigeration system to maintain a constant temperature inside the van. This is achieved through the use of insulation, compressors, and evaporators.

The insulation helps to keep the cold air inside the van and prevent warm air from entering. The compressor is responsible for compressing and condensing refrigerant gas, which then flows through the evaporator. The evaporator then absorbs the heat from inside the van and releases it outside, keeping the temperature cool and constant.

Refrigerated vans or trucks can be custom-built to suit your specific business needs and requirements. The installation process typically involves fitting the refrigeration system onto a standard van chassis, creating a seamless, tailored and integrated unit.

Benefits of Using a Refrigerated Van

Refrigerated vans offer numerous benefits for businesses that need to transport temperature-sensitive goods. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Preservation of Goods: Refrigerated vans ensure that perishable items are kept at the correct temperature during transportation, preserving their quality and freshness.
  • Increased Versatility: With a refrigerated van, you have the flexibility to transport a variety of goods, from frozen food to temperature-sensitive medicines.
  • Cost Savings: By using a refrigerated van, businesses can avoid the costly expenses of specialised distribution facilities and third-party logistics providers, which is a huge benefit to
  • Compliance with Regulations: For businesses in the food or pharmaceutical industries, it is essential to comply with regulations regarding the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. A refrigerated van helps ensure compliance with these regulations, preventing potential fines and penalties.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: With the ability to transport goods safely and maintain their quality, businesses can provide a higher level of service to their customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Uses of a Refrigerated Van

Refrigerated vans have a wide range of uses across various industries. Some common examples include:

  • Food Industry: Refrigerated vans are commonly used to transport perishable food items such as meat, dairy products, and fresh produce.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Temperature-sensitive medicines and vaccines often require refrigeration during transportation, making refrigerated vans an essential tool for this industry.
  • Florists: Flowers are also sensitive to temperature changes and require refrigeration during transportation, making a refrigerated van an ideal choice for florists.
  • Catering Services: Caterers often use refrigerated vans to transport food safely to events or between different locations.
  • Butchers/Fishmongers: For businesses that deal with fresh fish or meat, a refrigerated van is essential to maintain the quality and freshness of their products during transportation.

Australian made

Our units are highly sought after and come highly recommended by industry experts who appreciate the value of our units.

In addition to the superior quality and design of the Tranzfreeze units, each purchase is supported by:

  • Low maintenance and servicing costs
  • Dedicated after-sales service and support
  • Readily available spare parts
  • Australia-wide service and repair network

Our customers place a high level of trust in the Tranzfreeze brand based on our reputation for supplying a superior service. Their loyalty is evident in the commitment to our brand by some of the largest and leading transport refrigeration businesses.

Tranzfreeze: Your #1 Van Refrigeration Solution

Our customers place a high level of trust in the Tranzfreeze brand based on our reputation for supplying superior service.

Their loyalty is evident in the commitment to our brand by some of the largest and leading transport refrigeration businesses.

From enquiry to delivery, the Tranzfreeze experience is transparent, detailed and supportive in all aspects of sales, training and follow up support. We partner with our customers to deliver the most powerful & reliable refrigeration units on the road – the kind that stands the test of time.

We have several refrigerated vans for sale. To learn more about our latest innovations and more about the Tranzfreeze Van units, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can gladly assist you with your inquiry. We are committed to meeting our client’s needs by providing them with the highest quality of products, service and aftercare advice. We are ready to help you commence your Tranzfreeze journey.

Refrigerated Van

Features & Benefits

  • Strong and durable fibreglass casings.
  • Automatic ‘Hot Gas’ defrost on ESB units.
  • All units fully copper plumbed for long life.
  • Simple Design: Twin drive belt, electric fans.
  • Cost-Effective: Low maintenance/part costs.
  • Microprocessor: In-cab display of temperature and defrost function.
  • High-Performance Compressor: 7 piston swashplate high volumetric efficiency.
  • Separate Compressors: On-road and stand-by use separate compressors.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not all vans are suitable for installation of a refrigeration system. It is important to consult with an expert to determine if your desired van model can accommodate a refrigeration system.

Yes, Tranzfreeze offers custom-built refrigerated vans to suit your specific business needs and requirements. Contact us for more information on our customization options.

Yes, there are various types of refrigerated vans available, such as freezer vans for transporting frozen goods and chiller vans for temperature-controlled items. Tranzfreeze offers a range of options to cater to your specific transportation needs.

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of a refrigerated van. This includes regular cleaning, checking and replacing refrigeration components as needed, and scheduling routine servicing with a trusted provider like Tranzfreeze.

Optional extras

Available in vehicles with temperature capacities of +4 to -25°