Hyundai iLoad Refrigerated Van

A professional driver of a refrigerated van will always keep in mind how reliable the refrigerated vehicle is in maintaining temperature-sensitive goods at the right temperature continuously until it gets to its final destination.

Our refrigerated Huyndai iLoad  vans are more than capable of exceeding your expectations. These iLoads have  payload of 800KG  that can easily transport one pallet with a considerably large quantities of items and will keep those items at the desired temperature the entire time.

Tranzfreeze refrigerated vans do an excellent job of preventing your temperature-sensitive products from spoiling.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider our custom-built refrigerated vans for sale

  • Simple, but well-made design casings for easy cleaning and hygiene.
  • Copper plumbing for longevity, and low-maintenance.

In other words, you are assured a Tranzfreeze refrigerated van will never let you down because you will always have a sturdy freezer van that works the way it’s supposed to work for a very long time.

The Tranzfreeze refrigeration system is designed & built in our factory to the highest quality and durability. Our units are fitted with high-performance seven-piston swash plate high-volumetric efficiency compressors that are driven off engine and operate independently to the air conditioner resulting in a highly efficient system you can rely on in any harsh conditions.

Uncomplicated, But Still Efficient 

These refrigerated vans are built with powerful twin evaporator fans combined with our high-efficiency evaporator unit and a well-thought-out microprocessor in-cab display for both defrost and temperature monitoring and settings.

Our freezer vans have temperature variants from +18ᵒ to -25ᵒ Celsius making them perfect for a wide range of applications from Pet transport, Flowers, Fruit & veg, beer, Wine, Dairy, Smallgoods, Meat, Seafood food, Gelato, Ice cream and more. Whenever it’s imperative that your product stays at the desired temperature from Point A to Point B, Tranzfreeze is there to make sure things always go right.

We at Tranzfreeze can proudly custom build your freezer van so that you get just what you need from it, making the van even more valuable as you do your job.

A Few Extras for You to Enjoy

The best part of choosing the right refrigerated van is the ability to get it custom built with added features, making your deliveries a lot more convenient on your part. This includes special floors built just for florists, or aluminium checker plate floors for extra protection, dividers for multi-temp applications, electric standby (ESBs) for those times when you need to run your unit overnight, and even cold curtains for frequent door openings.
Call one of our friendly sales staff who will assist you in tailor-making your next refrigerated van.