How to Boost Your Business with a Freezer Van

When you have products that need to be climate controlled during transport, you can use a freezer van to ensure that they arrive without perishing. You can use a company that has experience in the industry and is a trusted manufacturer of equipment for this purpose. You can get a refrigerated van, ute, or truck body that is reliable and designed to handle the Australian weather.

What Is a Freezer Van?

A freezer van allows you to transport anything that needs refrigeration when it is being transported. They can withstand the harsh weather in the Australian climate, and they are dependable and long-lasting.

Not only are they designed and made with excellent quality, but they have low maintenance and service costs. They are available with temperature capacities between +4 and -25 degrees.

Features and Benefits of Freezer Vans

Freezer vans have many great features and benefits, including the following:

  • Strong, durable fiberglass casings
  • Automatic hot gas defrost on ESV units
  • All units made with copper plumbing
  • Simple design with twins drive belt and electric fans
  • Low maintenance and parts costs
  • In-cab display of temperature and defrost function
  • High performance compressor
  • Separate compressors for on-road and standby

How Installation and Service Works

You have two different choices when you want to do a van refrigeration installation. You can buy a kit and install it yourself, or you can have it professionally installed. You may save money installing it yourself, but it isn’t a good idea unless you have certification. Professionals have years of experience, and you will be able to count on your system if they do the install for you.

You can choose from a national network of dedicated distributors to have freezers installed on a range of different vehicle makes and models. You can work with a company that has years of experience in the industry. You need a reliable freezer van that won’t let you down.

If you need a system that is custom built, you can get one in many different forms, including a dual cab system, diesel driven electric units, or systems with multi-purpose applications. They will also provide ongoing support to make sure that your freezer van works and has everything it needs.

You can use your current van and have it converted to van refrigeration, or you can choose one that is already upgraded. It is going to be more expensive to buy a van with the installation, but it will be in excellent shape and you can rely on it for years to come.

How Does Van Refrigeration Work?

When you have van refrigeration, it works similar to how your refrigerator works. However, it needs to be more accurate because it is exposed to more extreme elements. It can be brutally hot outdoors, and it needs to maintain the proper temperatures to protect your items inside.

The freezer van system is equipped with an evaporator, a condenser, and a compressor. They work together to remove heat from the interior to keep your goods cooled.

You can choose a system that is powered by diesel or by electricity, and then you need to maintain it to make sure that it is operating correctly and resolve small problems before they cause a larger problem.