Three Uses for Vehicle Refrigeration During COVID

If you have a car, truck, or van that is refrigerated and you’d like to know how you can help out during the COVID pandemic, you’re in luck because there are assistance organisations, hospitals, and many others that are in need of a good refrigerated vehicle. You may have a job where you use that refrigerated vehicle to transport food to stores and other such tasks, but believe it or not, there are other uses for refrigerated vans and cars as well. Even if you’re just volunteering, you’ll never run out of things to do when you have a vehicle that is refrigerated. Below are some of the things that you can do to help out others.

  1. Deliver Food to Food Banks

Because of COVID, most food banks are busier than ever and many of them need people with refrigerated vehicles to deliver food to them so that they can work their magic and feed people in need. And not just food banks, but soup kitchens and homeless shelters need the same thing. If you have a vehicle with a refrigerator, you can help these organisations get the food they need. Even food items that don’t have to be kept cold can be transported along with the refrigerated foods to the places that need them most. If you’re interested in helping out this way, you can just call your local food bank, soup kitchen, or homeless shelter and ask them what you can do to make their jobs a little easier.

  1. Deliver Vaccines and Other Pharmaceuticals

With the COVID vaccine now available, many drug stores and doctors’ offices are needing these vaccines delivered to them ASAP. And with lots more vaccines being expected to roll out from now on, this need is going to be even more important in future months. Fridge trucks can easily carry these vaccines as well as other pharmaceutical supplies to hospitals, doctors’ offices, and various other organisations so that they can get what they need for their patients. Not all pharmaceuticals need to be refrigerated, of course, but you can easily transport refrigerated vaccines along with non-refrigerated supplies at the same time. The companies needing these vaccines will certainly appreciate your helping them help others.

  1. Become a Makeshift Morgue

Okay, this may sound a bit morbid and it is mostly utilised by businesses that already have refrigerated vehicles and not individuals with the same. Because of the number of deaths that are occurring on a daily basis due to COVID, many funeral homes, hospitals, and morgues simply don’t have room for the bodies that need to be stored temporarily until they can get a proper burial. In some states, National Guard troops are adding freezers to vehicles and helping out these facilities. If a business owner already has a vehicle that is refrigerated, they can volunteer to do this difficult but very important task.

If your vehicle refrigeration seems to be going to waste, there are things you can do to change that and volunteer to do something good at the same time. In most cases, jobs such as these are easy to find and they will last as long as COVID is on the scene, which is likely a long time.