Tranzfreeze’s Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Transport Refrigeration Equipment in Tip-Top Shape


Refrigerated transport equipment are a must-have for preserving perishables during transport, but maintaining them is important to keep them running smoothly in the long term.

Neglecting to properly care for your equipment can lead to a host of problems, including decreased efficiency, breakdowns, and even costly repairs.

There are a lot of things to keep track of, and it can seem like there’s always something that needs attention.

In this post, we will cover five tips to help you stay on top of things and keep your refrigerated transport equipment in good shape.

Let’s get started.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Refrigerated Transport Equipment in Great Shape


Without a doubt, refrigerated transport equipment can be a significant investment, and proper maintenance will help you get the most out of that investment.

Here are some tips for keeping your transport refrigeration equipment in good shape:

1. Check the Levels of Refrigerant

One of the most important things to do when it comes to maintaining your equipment is to regularly check the levels of refrigerant and coolant in your system.

This is because refrigerant and coolant leaks are one of the most common problems that can occur with this type of equipment.

Low refrigerant levels can cause an increase in energy usage, while low coolant levels can result in damage to your refrigeration unit which will negatively impact your delivery services if you specialize in delivering frozen goods to your customers

You should check typically the levels of the refrigerant at least once a year and recharge the system if necessary.

If you can’t do this yourself, you can employ the services of a trusted transport refrigeration company.

2. Keep the Coils Clean

Another important aspect of refrigeration maintenance is keeping the coils clean.

If dust, dirt, or other debris builds up on the coils, it can hamper their ability to effectively cool your refrigerated transport equipment.

While there are some specialized cleaning products available for this purpose, a simple garden hose will do the trick in most cases. Simply spray down the coils and wipe away any residue with a damp cloth or sponge.

Dirty coils can cause your refrigeration unit to work less efficiently, leading to higher energy bills.

3. Inspect and Clean the Fan Blades

The fan blades in your refrigerated transport unit need to be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis, as they can become clogged with dirt and dust.

If the fan blades are not clean, the airflow through the refrigeration unit will be reduced, which can lead to higher energy bills and decreased efficiency.

To clean your fan blades, simply remove them from the refrigeration unit and rinse them off with a hose or other cleaning tool.

Be sure to replace any damaged or broken fan blades right away, as this can affect the overall performance of your refrigeration system.

4. Check for Air Leaks

Another crucial aspect of refrigerated transport maintenance is checking for air leaks.

A refrigeration unit that does not have tight seals may be required to work harder in order to keep your refrigerated goods at the desired temperature, which can lead to increased wear and tear on the equipment.

To check for leaks, start by turning your refrigeration unit off and checking all of the air hoses for cracks or holes.

Next, place a soapy water solution around all outer edges of your refrigerated trailer or truck and inspect for any bubbles that may indicate an air leak.

When in doubt, it is always best to consult a refrigeration technician who can help you identify and fix any leaks in your refrigeration equipment.

You should typically clean the coils at least once a year, and more often if they are located in a dusty or dirty environment.


5. Perform Regular Maintenance Checks

This is one of the most important things you can do to keep your transport refrigeration equipment running smoothly.

Make a point of checking the refrigerant levels regularly, performing any necessary repairs or replacements, and cleaning and maintaining components like condensers and compressors as needed.

Other things to keep in mind when performing regular maintenance on your equipment include

  • Checking for signs of wear or damage and addressing any issues promptly
  • Scheduling routine inspections with a qualified technician
  • Staying up to date on the latest refrigeration technology and developments, as this can help you avoid common issues and keep your equipment running more efficiently.

By performing regular maintenance on your refrigerated transport equipment, you can help ensure that it runs smoothly and reliably for years to come.

Trusted Refrigerated Transport Companies (Cold Transport Companies)

There are many companies out there that can help you keep your perishable goods cold during transport.

However, Tranzfreeze has been providing refrigerated transport solutions for businesses of all sizes for over 30 years.


With a focus on customer satisfaction and quality refrigeration equipment, Tranzfreeze is one of the industry leaders in Australia.

Tranzfreeze offers a wide range of services like refrigerated trucking, van refrigeration, refrigerated ute boxes, and other forms of frozen transport.

Why is Transport Refrigeration Important?

Transport refrigeration is a type of refrigeration that is used to keep perishables cold during transport delivery.


It is a necessary piece of equipment for businesses that move food or other perishables across long distances.

There are many reasons why transport refrigeration is important. Here are a few:

It helps with food quality control

Using a refrigerated transport system helps preserve the quality of the goods being transported by ensuring that the cold chain is not broken.


A cold chain is  the series of refrigerated storage and transport facilities that are used to keep goods cold from the time they are harvested or produced until they reach consumers.

Several companies have ran problems with food spoilage due to a lack of reliable refrigerated transport vehicles.

The industry regulations for food handling has remained at a high level

To avoid such issues, it is important to get the right cold storage systems installed by one of the trusted refrigerated transport companies such as Tranzfreeze.

This helps to prevent spoilage, especially with goods that require cold transport – such as frozen goods.

Refrigerated transport systems open up a whole new world of options for businesses. For example, they can be used to transport large amounts of perishable goods in well-equipped vans, which was not previously possible.

It increases supply chain efficiency

In addition to helping with food quality control, refrigerated vehicles also help to ensure that the supply chain is efficient by reducing delays due to spoilage.

When your refrigerated transport vehicles are combined with GPS tracking functionality, you can tell exactly what routes your drivers are on, which makes it easier to manage your team and ensure that they are operating efficiently.

Your supply chain operations can also be more can also prevent driver fatigue by

With effective in-built cold storage systems, you can deliver a more reliable and more quickly than ever before, which can help them reduce costs and stay competitive in their markets.

So, if you are a business owner or manager who relies on the transport of goods, then you should definitely consider investing in a refrigerated transport system.

It helps with customer satisfaction

If your business relies on delivering frozen or fresh goods to customers, then investing in refrigerated transport can be helpful to you as it will assist you in keeping your products in good shape.

If you want to go the extra mile with ensuring that your customers are happy, then you have to make sure that your products are delivered to them at the best quality.

This can help to boost your business’s reputation as well as its bottom line in no time.


As you have seen, when it comes to refrigerated transport, proper maintenance is key.

By following the tips in this article, you can help keep your transport refrigeration equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

This will not only save you money in the long run, but it will also help ensure that your goods arrive at their destination safely and in good condition.

If you have any questions about refrigerated transport or maintenance, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help!