You might think that refrigerated trucks are only used for transporting food. However, you’d be surprised at all the unconventional uses that they have. From the cosmetics to the tobacco industry, refrigerated trucks are helping people move and preserve objects that need to maintain certain temperatures. These versatile vehicles with advanced transport refrigeration systems are not just for food logistics anymore.

Let’s explore the unconventional uses of refrigerated trucks, and how they could help your business too.

Medical Uses

Mobile Vaccination Clinics

Refrigerated vans play a vital role in healthcare because they act as mobile vaccination clinics. These vans have special cooling systems to keep vaccines at the right temperature. This setup is especially beneficial in remote and underserved areas, bringing essential vaccinations and medical supplies directly to the communities in need.

Mobile Blood Donation Centers

During emergencies, the need for blood donations rises, and it might not always be rapidly available. That’s where refrigerated vans become essential equipment for disaster or catastrophe response. They can be adjusted to work as mobile blood donation centres, where blood can be collected and stored, helping keep the cold chain necessary to preserve the blood and be of use to those who need it.

Art Installations

One of the most unconventional uses of refrigerated trucks is in the art world. Artists and curators have used refrigerated trucks and vans for art installations, where the temperature-controlled environment can have an impact on the material of the art piece or the ambience it sets. Did you know that temperature can significantly impact paints? That’s why many museums and art galleries carefully control the temperature and humidity levels in their exhibitions. Controlled temperatures help preserve paintings better, and some paintings can even get more vibrant under colder temperatures.

Ice Sculpture Transport

If you are a fan of ice sculptures, you might have asked yourself how they got to your favourite restaurant or hotel. Well, in refrigerated trucks! The stable low temperatures ensure the sculptures remain frozen and intact throughout their journey. Whether it’s for a wedding, corporate event, or art exhibition, these trucks are a reliable way to deliver stunning ice creations without the risk of melting.

Protection of Antiques

Transporting delicate antiques requires stable environmental conditions, which refrigerated vans provide. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can damage antiques, causing cracks, warping, or fading.

Bee Transportation

Refrigerated trucks are essential for safely transporting honey bees, which are vital for pollination and agricultural production. Bees are delicate and need temperature-controlled environments for safe travel. This method protects endangered bee species and even supports the agriculture industry.

Perfumes and Cosmetics

Perfumes and cosmetics are made with some compounds that need to be under certain temperatures. That’s why it’s recommended to keep them away from sunlight and not to rub your skin after applying perfume because the heat can alter the fragrance’s composition, changing how it smells. Also, many cosmetics contain natural ingredients that can spoil under high temperatures.

Tobacco Products

The taste and aroma of tobacco are their defying qualities, and if you are in the tobacco industry, you will want to ensure they are as high quality as possible. Using refrigerated vans will guarantee that your product has a stable environment that helps preserve the freshness and integrity of your tobacco products.


Refrigerated trucks are not just for transporting food anymore. Their versatility means they can be used in many industries and jobs, like healthcare for mobile vaccination clinics and blood donation centers, and in the arts for moving ice sculptures and setting up art installations. Ready to explore the benefits of a refrigerated truck for your business? Here’s a guide on how to choose the right refrigerated van or truck for you.

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