Ford Ranger vs. Toyota Hilux: Popular Aussie Utes for Refrigeration

The Ford Ranger and the Toyota Hilux are two of the best-selling utes in Australia for the past several years. Both options handle well and have excellent hauling capacities for their class. However, one of them may be better suited for your specific needs.
If you are looking for refrigerated utes, take a moment to compare the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux.

Ford Ranger: Overview and Main Specs

The Ford Ranger has gone through multiple revisions over the years. The current generation of Ranger vehicles was developed by Ford Australia in 2011. It is a mid-size ute available with a single cab or double cab design.
The single cab has a maximum payload of 1860 pounds (843.6 kilograms) and a towing capacity of 7500 pounds (3401.9 kilograms).

Toyota Hilux: Overview and Main Specs

The Toyota Hilux is a series of utes originally developed in 1968. Toyota is now on its eighth generation of Hilux vehicles. It is known as a reliable vehicle and a smaller alternative to the popular Toyota Land Cruiser.

As with the Ford Ranger, the Toyota Hilux is a mid-size ute. It comes in a single cab or double cab design with a four-wheel drive suspension. It has a maximum payload of 2204 pounds (1000 kilograms) and a towing capacity of 7716 pounds (3500 kilograms).

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Ford Ranger for Refrigeration

The Ford Ranger is a dependable vehicle, but a bit on the smaller side. Here are some of the benefits of choosing the Ranger:

  • Comfortable interior
  • Good fuel efficiency
  • Excellent suspension

The inside of the cab has a roomy interior and comfortable seating. If you spend a large portion of the day on the road, you may prefer the comfort of the Ranger. It also has good fuel efficiency for a vehicle of its size, helping to cut down on fuel costs.

Most drivers also find that the Ford Ranger handles well in almost any condition. It has excellent suspension, especially when choosing the off-road variant.

The Ford Ranger comes with many advantages. However, the Toyota Hilux has an edge when it comes to max payload and towing capacity. The capacity of the Ranger is about 100 kilograms lighter, which may limit the amount of food that you can transport.

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Toyota Hilux for Refrigeration

Some of the advantages of the Toyota Hilux includes:

  • Rugged, reliable design
  • Superior capacity
  • Wide range of variants

The Toyota Hilux is built for tough environments. It is a favourite choice for those who need to go off-road, making it useful for those in the construction or mining industries. However, the reliability of the Hilux also makes it a great fit for refrigerated transport.

The extra capacity of the Hilux is another advantage. Yet, one of the strengths of the Hilux is the variety of options to choose from. The Toyota Hilux is available in 13 total variants to suit your needs.

In the end, the Ford Ranger and the Toyota Hilux are both great options for refrigerated transport. Whether you choose the Ranger, Hilux, or any other ute, you also need to maintain your refrigeration equipment. Tranzfreeze has over 30 years of experience with custom-built systems. Choose Tranzfreeze to find the best solution for your refrigerated transport needs.