Tranzfreeze: Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Refrigeration Needs?

why choose us

There are many reasons that people make use of a refrigerated vehicle. Some items must be stored at specific temperatures all of the time. For example, some medications will lose their effectiveness if they vary from the recommended temperature, and some vaccinations don’t work if they are allowed to get warm. These refrigerated vehicles need to be designed to handle the Australian weather, and at Tranzfreeze, that’s exactly what we do. Take a look at why you should choose Tranzfreeze for your commercial refrigeration needs.

  1. We Are Professionals

At Tranzfreeze, we have years of experience with refrigerated transport. We understand the needs of clients and know what goods that are being transported need so that they arrive at their destination successfully. Our vehicles can accommodate different temperature needs, and we make sure that the vehicles will maintain the temperature required by your items.

It is important to make sure that you put your refrigerated goods in the hands of a company that has the experience and knowledge to safely and effectively provide the right vehicles to transport your refrigerated goods.

  1. We Consider a Range of Factors for Your Company

There are different factors to consider when you are shipping items that require refrigeration. At Tranzfreeze, we consider all of them and ensure that your items arrive at their destination safely.

We always consider the type and temperature that is needed, as well as the type of environment the vehicle will be exposed to. We look at the routes to see if the vehicle will travel on country roads in rural parts of the country. We want to know the weather during transport so that we can compensate by setting the internal temperature.

We also know what your truck needs based on your required running time, and we will make sure that the items are constantly refrigerated. We are always very thorough and make sure that the items we provide transport for have everything they need to arrive safely.

  1. We Use Reliable Vehicles

At Tranzfreeze, we use reliable vehicles that will hold the temperature where it needs to be for the duration of the trip. We have commercial refrigerated vans, refrigerated utes, and many types of refrigerated rigid truck bodies, and they are all built to handle changing weather conditions. The trucks can be managed so that they are always at the right temperature for the items they are carrying.

Vehicles and units are able to work with temperatures from 4 degrees Celsius to -25 degrees Celsius. The most important factor is making sure that the temperature range is appropriate for the items on the truck.

We also have diesel-driven electric units, as well as systems that accommodate multipurpose applications with different compartments that can accommodate different temperatures. By having the right vehicles to transport refrigerated goods, we save clients both time and money.

Final Words

If you are looking for a company to transport refrigerated goods, you want one that is staffed with professionals who are experts in the field. At Tranzfreeze, we have reliable trucks of all sizes, and we can accommodate multiple items with different temperature requirements. We are an Australian owned and operated manufacturing company that has more than 30 years of experience providing refrigerated vehicles for our clients.

We work hard to provide the temperature solutions that you need, and we use quality components. We consider all of the factors that go into your routes, and we custom tailor your truck to meet the needs of your products. Our goal is to provide the best solution to each client so that they have the refrigerated vehicle they need to transport their items.